when the rain stops falling,

when the rain keep falling,
we pray it to stop,
when the rain didnt fall at all ,
we keep pray for it,
BUT when the rain stop falling,
u know how life without it.

it is the same as friendship.

when friends keep care about u,
u pray for them to stop !
when friends didnt care about u at all,
then u start to be friendly with them,
BUT when friends stop care about u,
u know how life without FRIENDS !

*i'm just expressing my feeling about the "fenomena" which happened in friendship.i just can make it when i'm alone without those all called FRIENDS ! now i know how friends too important. with u by my side, i won't hurt u, make u feel apart,left u alone,didnt be by ur side when u NEED me,tell people how bad u are AGAIN.. PROMISE !!

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